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Christopher Ward Dive Watch

If you're searching for an amazing 40 mm mk3 c60 blue trident pro automatic Watch to help you into the water, then don't search more than ward's dive watch, this amazing piece from Ward is practical for individuals who admire to dive in the water, and will give you a little bit of protection while doing so. The Ward dive Watch is built from precision made materials, and is sure to give you the protection you need when diving.

Christopher Ward Dive Watch Walmart

The Ward c60 trident mkii pro is an automatic dive Watch that is inspired by the boatmaster line of dive watches, it is a bronzed Watch that is in at 43 mm thick steel case. The case is filled with a mix of silver and black leather, contributing to the watch's look of luxury, the Watch is capped with a black 400 m gold-coloredaillet. The Ward c60 trident pro 600 dive Watch is a practical way for folks searching for a high-quality dive watch, this Watch is in black vintage satin black quality with an 43 mm satin vintage black leather band. It is fabricated with a click wheel and ageable movement, it extends a simple design with a gold-colored dial and a black-colored hard-shell case. The Watch grants a strong pull-up system and a durable construction, with an 43 mm white dial automatic, you'll be confident in the controls and the chronograph timepiece's ability to keep you informed of your dive conditions. The salt water resistant as an insulation for the watch's highly innovative features, which are against the water's for an inner function and an audible warning if the Watch becomes full of water, the 100 m water resistant ensures your Watch stays wet, even on the most rough sea floors. Whether you're a diving master or just taking a walk on the beach, the Ward c60 trident pro 600 dive Watch is a must-have for any swimmer.